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Cormak S-350R Semi Automatic Bandsaw



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Cormak S-350R Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

Machine Type: Semi-Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw

Machine Description

The CORMAK S-350R band saw is equipped as standard with automatic arm dropping and raising, a hydraulic vice and a height adjuster enabling the arm to be raised to a height adjusted to the material being cut. Thanks to the automatic hydraulic damper, manual operation of the machine has been simplified to feed the material being cut in a vice.

The arm made of uniform cast iron together with a refined, massive and stable construction ensures the S-350R band saw exceptional rigidity which allows for trouble-free operation and very high cutting precision.

The precision of band movement is ensured by guides consisting of bearings and cemented carbide inserts. The movable head guiding the band is adjusted depending on the dimension of the material being cut, which ensures increased stability and precision of the band.

Cutting Capacity

Capacity 0º (Round): 350mm

Capacity 0º (Rectangular): 530 x 350mm

Capacity 0º (Square): 330 x 330mm

Capacity 30º (Round): 350mm

Capacity 30º (Rectangular): 470 x 300mm

Capacity 30º (Square): 300 x 300mm

Capacity 45º (Round): 350mm

Capacity 45º (Rectangular): 350 x 270mm

Capacity 45º (Square): 270 x 270mm

Technical Details

Arm Raising and Lowering: Hydraulic with arm lowering smooth control

Vice Clamp: Hydraulic

Band Speed: 30/50/72 m/min

Mitre Cutting: from 0° to 50°

Vice Base Height: 755 mm

Bandsaw Blade Dimensions: 4700 x 34 x 1.1 mm

Main Motor Power: 3.0 kW

Hydraulic Motor Power: 0.75 kW

Coolant Motor Power: 120 W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2400×1530×1400 mm

Weight: 1600 kg


Detached Control Panel

Built-in hydraulic unit

Hydraulic control of arm motion (up – down) with possibility of smooth lowering speed control

Hydraulic vice

Arm Height limiting switch

Cutting at angles of 0°–50° 

Wire Brush for the blade cleaning

Cooling system

Bi-metal band saw

EC Declaration of Conformity


ModelS-350R Semi Automatic Bandsaw
Machine TypeSemi-Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw
Capacity 0º (Round)350mm
Capacity 0º (Rectangular)530 x 350mm
Capacity 0º (Square)330 x 330mm
Capacity 30º (Round)350mm
Capacity 30º (Rectangular)470 x 300mm
Capacity 30º (Square)300 x 300mm
Capacity 45º (Round)350mm
Capacity 45º (Rectangular)350 x 270mm
Capacity 45º (Square)270 x 270mm
Vice ClampHydraulic
Bandsaw Blade Dimensions4700 x 34 x 1.1 mm
Band Speed30/50/72 m/min
Mitre Cuttingfrom 0° to 50°
Vice Base Height755 mm
Main Motor Power3.0 kW
Hydraulic Motor Power0.75 kW
Coolant Motor Power120 W
Dimensions (LxWxH)2400×1530×1400 mm
Weight1600 kg