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Cormak S-280R Semi Automatic Bandsaw



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Cormak S-280R Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

Machine Type: Semi-Automatic Single Mitre Bandsaw

Machine Description

This CORMAK S-280R band saw is as standard equipped with automatic arm lowering and raising as well as with a precise arm height regulator. Due to an automatic hydraulic damper, the manual handling of the machine has been simplified to feed and clamping the cut material in a vice. The arm made of uniform iron casting, together with a refined, solid and stable construction, ensure S-280R's exceptional rigidity, resulting in failure-free handling and high cutting precision.

The innovativeness and production of semi-automatic and automatic series "CORMAK-PREMIUM LINE" band saws, compliant with the norms and standards consistent with ISO:910001 and ISO:140001 certificates, warrant safety, quality and reliability of the product. M3V motors from ABB, a renowned worldwide manufacturer, warrant long-term reliability.

Cutting Capacity

Capacity 0º (Round): 300mm

Capacity 0º (Rectangular): 280 x 300mm

Capacity 0º (Square): 280 x 280mm

Capacity 45º R (Round): 240mm

Capacity 45º R (Rectangular): 240 x 280mm

Capacity 45º R (Square): 220 x 220mm

Technical Details

Arm Raising and Lowering: Hydraulic with arm lowering smooth control

Vice Clamp: Hydraulic

Band Speed: 18/40/70 m/min

Mitre Cutting: from 0° to 55° right

Minimum Cutting Diameter: Ø 5 mm

Minimum Material Length in the Vice: 30 mm

Vice Base Height: 700 mm

Bandsaw Blade Dimensions: 27×0.9×3350 mm

Main Motor Power: 2.2 kW

Hydraulic Motor Power: 1.1 kW

Coolant Motor Power: 0.075 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1950×1520×1100 mm

Weight: 850 kg


Detached Control Panel

Built-in hydraulic unit

Hydraulic control of arm motion (up – down) with possibility of smooth lowering speed control

Hydraulic vice

Arm Height limiting switch

Cutting at angles of 0°–55° 

Brush for the cleaning band

Cooling system

Bi-metal band saw

EC Declaration of Conformity


ModelS-280R Semi Automatic Bandsaw
Capacity 0º (Round)300mm
Capacity 0º (Rectangular)280 x 300mm
Capacity 0º (Square)280 x 280mm
Capacity 45º R (Round)240mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectangular)240 x 280mm
Capacity 45º R (Square)220 x 220mm
Vice ClampHydraulic
Band Speed18/40/70 m/min
Minimum Cutting DiameterØ 5 mm
Vice Base Height700 mm
Bandsaw Blade Dimensions27×0.9×3350 mm
Main Motor Power2.2 kW
Hydraulic Motor Power1.1 kW
Coolant Motor Power0.075 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)1950×1520×1100 mm
Weight850 kg