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Alfra GmbH Din rail Cutting Unit with Length fence



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Alfra Din rail Cutting Unit with Length fence

Limit stop with mm/inch laser-engraved

Profile throughput is optimised for

lowest-possible cutting play

Profile throughput is optimisedfor lowest-possible cutting play

For hand-operated mounting rails

Cuts profile and ground rails precisely and without effort.

With reinforced cam located directly above the shear plate

Lower force application due to improved force transmission

Burr-free cutting to length without waste Maintenance-free

Anodised, laser-engraved length limit stop

Shear plate re-grindable

Easy to install on the workbench

Technical Specifications:

Standard version Cuts: TS 35/7.5 - 35/15 - 15/5.5 - Cu 10.0 x 3.0 mm

Guide fixture: 90°-angle precise cutting

Anodised, laser-engraved longitudinal limit stop: 1,000 mm with guidance

Fixture for precise angled cutting to length with millimetre and inch scaling.

Stable profile guiding: 90° cuts

Handle: reinforced – soft touch


ManufacturerAlfra GmbH
ModelDin rail Cutting Unit with Length fence
Handlereinforced – soft touch
* Guide support90°-angle precise cutting
* limit stop1000 mm with guidance
* Stable profile guiding90° cuts
Guide fixture90°-angle precise cutting