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Alfra GmbH RB 40 RL-E



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Alfra Drilling Machines RB 40 RL-E

At function „magnet on“, 100% of the magnet power is available right from the beginning.

Simultaneously a timing relay will be activated which is preset to 60 seconds. If the motor will not be switched on after “magnet on” the LED of the magnet switch on the key pad is flashing and a buzzer sounds at the same time. This time-controlled alarm will be also activated after drilling is done and the motor is switched off but the magnet is still on.

A functional check of the LED and of the buzzer is carried out if the machine will be connected to the mains with the electric cable (short flashing of the LED and short buzzing). With it it is possible to test the model in use respectively the control in use fast and easily on site.

The new PCBs are 100% compatible with machines of older type series, i.e. in case of repair they can be replaced respectively exchanged without problems.

Technical Specifications:

Core drill dimensions: Ø 12.0 - 50.0 mm

Cutting depth: 50.0 mm

Twist drill: Ø 1.0 bis 16.0 mm with quick-release chuck MT2 up to Ø 20.0 mm with MT2 DIN 345 direct

Counterboring: Ø 10.0 - 40.0 mm

Tapping: with tapping chucks: M3 - M14 with tapping attachment: M3 - M20

Arbor: MT2

Stroke: 170 mm

Height adjustment: 100 mm

Gearbox – on-load speed: right/left 1. Step 100 - 250 rpm 2. Step 180 - 450 rpm

Power consumption: 1,200 W

Voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz 110 V 50/60 Hz

Magnetic holding force: 16,000 N

Tool-Force (10 mm): 3,800 N

Min. material thickness: 10 mm

Magnetic base: 92 x 238 mm

Weight: 16.0 kg




Smooth Start

Full-wave control electronics

Right/left run

Overload protection

Motor emergency stop



Oil bath gearbox



Stepless adjustment



Soft-touch grips

Membrane keyboard



Metal Rings

Available Accessories:

Transport Case Coolant Unit

Coolant Spray

Chip Remover

Drill Chuck 3-16 mm MT 2

Safety Belt

Allen Key 2.5 mm

Allen Key 6.0 mm


ManufacturerAlfra GmbH
ModelRB 40 RL-E
Cutting depth50.0 mm
Stroke170 mm
Height adjustment100 mm
Power consumption1,200 W
Magnetic holding force16,000 N
Tool-Force (10 mm)3,800 N
Min. material thickness10 mm
Magnetic base92 x 238 mm
Weight16.0 kg