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Cormak 360x1000 Premium Line Lathe - 3 Phase


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Cormak Tornado 360 x 1000 Premium Line Centre Lathe

Machine Description

The lathe is equipped with digital readings of axes, "soft" control buttons, central lubrication system, 3-jaw and 4-jaw chuck (independent) 200 mm, fixed centers, rotating centre, jaws, fixed and mobile steady , Gear Change wheels, drive plate, reduction sleeve, service keys. Machine Characteristics Interlocked chuck guard "Soft" control buttons Machine lighting Central lubrication system DRO Technical Details Turning Diameter over the bed:360 mm Turning diameter over cross slide: 210 mm Turning diameter in the GAP :490 mm The height of centres: 180 mm Distances between centres: 1000 mm Spindle Bore:51 mm Spindle hole Taper: MT6 Speed range: 70 - 2,000 rpm Imperial threads: 4 - 60 TPI Metric threads: 0.4 - 7 mm Longitudinal feeds:0.079 - 1.291 mm / Rev Cross feeds: 0.017 - 0.257 mm / rev Max. Rotation angle of the toolpost: ± 90 ° Max. Travel of Top Slide: 95 mm Max. Travel of the cross slide: 170 mm Max. Travel of Carriage: 730 mm Diameter of the tailstock sleeve:32 mm Tailstock Taper: MT 3 Maximum travel of the tailstock Spindle: 110 mm Frequency: 50 Hz Power: 1.5 kW Motor speed: 1440 rpm Voltage:400 V External dimensions:1910 x 750 x 1500 mm Net weight: 606 kg Included Equipment 3-jaw chuck 200 mm 4-jaw Chuck 250 mm Chuck guard Fixed steady Travelling steady Reducing sleeve Tool post Coolant equipment Machine light Set of changing wheels Indicator / thread clock Service tools Lathe base Instructions EC / CE compliance declaration 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty


Model360 x 1000 Premium Line Universal Lathe
Distances between centres1000 mm
Spindle Bore51 mm
Spindle hole TaperMT6
Speed range70 - 2,000 rpm
Imperial threads4 - 60 TPI
Metric threads0.4 - 7 mm
Max. Travel of Carriage730 mm
Tailstock TaperMT 3
Frequency50 Hz
Power1.5 kW
The height of centres180 mm
Voltage400 V
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)1910 x 750 x 1500 mm
Net weight606 kg